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Historically there have been two material options for use in highly corrosive service; solid corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs), or carbon steel, as routine replacements. Both are viable solutions but both have some inherent drawbacks. KLAD offers a third option; “the smart material choice” of CRAs metallurgically bonded to carbon steel, for anything from a small fitting to a large pressure vessel to a complete piping system.

KLAD started in 1995 when the nuclear power industry was faced with problems associated with Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC), notes company founder Dr. Bhaven Chakravarti. Read More

In June 2011, KLAD became a Precision Cast Parts business reporting into the PCC Energy Group.

Chevron Vessel
Amine regenerator C-2420, 15' diameter, over 100' long with skirt fabricated for Chevron being transported to refinery.